Preparing Students for the 21st Century

VEX Robotics programs engage students in STEM, while concurrently developing critical life skills and preparing students for the 21st-century workforce. It gives them exposure to a number of potentials field or work that could be rewarding and fulfilling careers and lives.

That awareness will get them to engage in the development processes through the schools (middle, high and post-secondary). Eventually landing them at good employers.

Why Sponsor MN Robotics Competition Program?

  • Minnesota manufacturers struggle to fill the majority of open jobs.
  • Many of the jobs that go unfilled are in backbone sectors of the Minnesota economy.
  • So the inability to find qualified workers can hurt an individual company's growth as well as that of the local economy.

What Does the MN Robotics Competition Program Help Do?  

  • It builds strong Students, Communities and Partnerships.
  • It promotes STEM Education.
  • It prepares Students for the future.

The demand for skilled labor will continue to grow. By getting involved with programs like this, your business can help create a future workforce to fill the current skilled labor gap with skilled, motivated and well-rounded students from the  program.

  • Invest in your associate pipeline
  • Help support local VEX Robotics programs like this one, and create excitement around STEM careers

Gifts of all sizes collectively make a large impact on the MN Robotics Competition Pprogram.

According to the National Math & Science initiative, the U.S. needs one million more STEM professionals over the next decade than what the market will have based on current rates. Central McGowan is a strong supporter of the VEX mission as it is instrumental in helping build the next generation of STEM workers, empower STEM educators and fill the gap.

~ Joe Francis, President & CEO at Central McGowan

VEX is a wonderful way for kids to get hands-on involvement with technology and exposure to STEM careers. I personally know several youth who are pursuing careers in STEM fields due to their work in VEX. Just as important as learning technical skills, kids are participating in VEX to learn how to work on a team, execute projects on a deadline, communicate effectively, and operate under pressure. VEX creates and shapes our future workforce!

~ Joan Schatz, Co-President at Park Industries

By engaging with the schools through VEX, we are actively working to develop tomorrow’s workforce. We believe VEX Robotics is one of the cost-effective ways to create awareness of the opportunities for students while simultaneously developing both the hard and soft skills they will need to thrive in a manufacturing environment. It’s our privilege to support their efforts.”

~ Greg Flint, President & CEO at Cold Spring


Platinum Sponsors - $10K

Gold Sponsors - $7K


Silver Sponsors - $5K


Bronze Sponsors - $3K